Lake County

Van Patten Woods/Sterling Lake

Van Patten Woods lies along the Des Plaines River corridor and is thus a very active spot during migration, especially in the spring. 20+ species of warblers can be found here on an ideal day in May and this area is a favorite roosting spot for Greater White-fronted Goose in the spring, a very difficult species to find in Lake County. Sterling Lake is especially good in the fall when many geese roost on the lake. Greater White-fronteds have been seen here as well along with Ross’ and Snow Geese. In addition, a Northern Shrike is sometimes seen along the trail bordering the lake and a Red-shouldered Hawk was here in Jan. 2011. I also had 2 Wild Turkey here last year in 2012. There is also a stand of pines near the back picnic area where Red Crossbills have been found along with Common Redpolls and Pine Siskins.

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