Cook County

126th Street Marsh

The 126th Street Marsh is a mitigation wetland created in 2004 along Indian Creek north of Hyde Lake Wetland in southeast Chicago. A wide variety of waterbirds clearly benefit from the various habitat improvements, which include graded banks and native plantings along Indian Creek.

The entrance to the 126th Street Marsh is located on the

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Iroquois County

Milford Water Treatment Plant and Recreation Area

Just east of the village of Milford, along the south side of County Road 950 N, this site is a lovely area full of habitat in the middle of the corn desert. There are two large water water treatment ponds, a trail through riparian, bottomland woods, a couple tallgrass prairie restoration plots, a smattering of

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DuPage County

Pella Ponds

6 ponds in a mostly deserted corporate complex. The blue marker notes the pond known as “Pella Pond”, because of it’s proximity to the Pella Window plant to the west. This pond, and the 5 to the north of Fabyan Parkway can be very good for migrating waterfowl, especially geese. Ross’, Greater White-fronted and Cackling

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Mason County

Chautauqua NWR

Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge is well known to Illinois birders for waterfowl and shorebird concentrations. The water in the various pools is regulated, and if dropped at the right time of year the habitat can be outstanding for shorebirds. Even if the water levels are fairly high, there are usually mudflats in the SW corner

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Fulton County

Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge / Thompson Lake

Thompson Lake is one of the magical birding spots in Illinois. The number of rarities and unusual species found here in recent years is too big to list here. Breeding or summering species include up to 16 species of ducks and geese, Black-necked Stilt, Black Tern, American White Pelican, Common Gallinule, Cattle Egret, Black-crowned Night

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Lake County

Lake County Fairgrounds

Though discovered years before, 2012 has seen a rise in interest in the Lake County Fairgrounds as a birding destination. With close proximity to a dump, it is easy to see what makes this spot stand out in the winter months.

The fairgrounds main parking lot is becoming a good destination for winter gulling in

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Warren County

Monmouth Sewage Pond

To view this pond, park in the little pulloff on the west side of 80th St. at the southeast corner of the pond. Note that the pond is behind a high berm, and you can’t see it from the road. Be careful when approaching the top of the berm, as there may be birds on

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Putnam County

Hennepin & Hopper Lakes

Hennepin-Hopper, as it’s known, is one of Illinois premier birding locations. This restored wetland has some of the best quality cattail marshes in northern Illinois.

There are 3 primary birding spots here:

The boat launch The boat launch area offers a good vantage point to scope the marsh. Breeding birds here include Yellow-headed Blackbird, Common

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