Cook County - Cook County Forest Preserves

Burnham Prairie (including Burnham Prairie Marsh)


Purchased by the Cook County Forest Preserve District in 2003, Burnham Prairie Nature Preserve (BPNP) contains some of the highest quality wet prairie habitat in the state. Recently, the Army Corp of Engineers have completed restoration work on much of the east pond area. Plantings and herbicide application continues in the west pond area.

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Cook County

Harborside International Golf Course

Harborside International Golf Course is located at 11001 S. Doty Avenue East in southeast Chicago. Doty Avenue is the frontage road which runs along the east side of I-94 (Bishop Ford Expressway), and it may be easily accessed by exiting I-94 at the 111th, 115th, or 130th Street east exits. The golf course is situated

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Cook County

126th Street Marsh

The 126th Street Marsh is a mitigation wetland created in 2004 along Indian Creek north of Hyde Lake Wetland in southeast Chicago. A wide variety of waterbirds clearly benefit from the various habitat improvements, which include graded banks and native plantings along Indian Creek.

The entrance to the 126th Street Marsh is located on the

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Monroe County

Kidd Lake

Kidd Lake is a series of flooded agricultural fields and private land that can be viewed from Bluff Rd. (Hwy 3) and Kidd Lake Rd. Depending on exactly which fields are flooded, birds can be viewed from a number of places. This area can be a magnet for vagrants. Some of the species seen here

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Massac County

Mermet Lake

Located in the very farthest south portion of Illinois, Mermet Lake is well known for having regular Purple Gallinules. Other rare or difficult-t0-see species that have been found here include Neotropic Cormorant, Black-bellied Whistling Duck, Least Tern, Anhinga.

The cattail and lily-pad marshes at the north end of the lake is where the Purple Gallinules

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Fulton County

Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge / Thompson Lake

Thompson Lake is one of the magical birding spots in Illinois. The number of rarities and unusual species found here in recent years is too big to list here. Breeding or summering species include up to 16 species of ducks and geese, Black-necked Stilt, Black Tern, American White Pelican, Common Gallinule, Cattle Egret, Black-crowned Night

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Johnson County

Michael Wolf Memorial Wetland - Little Black Slough

Continue to the parking area at the end of Sunflower Lane (“Gate Across Road”). The three small ponds to the west of the parking lot are the best place to look for Anhinga in Illinois, especially the west-most pond. Anhingas have bred in an inaccessible portion of Little Black Slough for several years, but seem

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Lake County

Almond Marsh

Located in Northern Lake County, Almond Marsh is an active heron colony and is a part of the Lake County Forest Preserve District. In spring and summer, roosting birds include Great Blue Heron, Double-crested Cormorant, and the only reliable spot to find Black-crowned Night Heron in Lake County throughout the summer months. Post-breeding wanderers are

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