Monroe County

Kidd Lake

Kidd Lake is a series of flooded agricultural fields and private land that can be viewed from Bluff Rd. (Hwy 3) and Kidd Lake Rd. Depending on exactly which fields are flooded, birds can be viewed from a number of places. This area can be a magnet for vagrants. Some of the species seen here include Wood Stork, Mottled Duck, Brown Pelican. This is the furthest north that Black Vulture regularly occurs in Illinois, and they can be seen almost anywhere. However, there is a mine entrance on the east side of Bluff Rd. a few miles to the south of Kidd Lake Rd. Black Vultures like to roost on a tall, ancient structure by the roadside here.

When water conditions are good, shorebirding here can be excellent. Other species in the general area include Black-necked Stilt, Snowy Egret, Cattle Egret, Fish Crow, Blue Grosbeak.

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