Welcome to Illinois Birding by County

This is a crowd-sourced, “wiki-style” experiment in creating a bird-finding guide. By having local editors contribute the site entries, and the the birding public at-large input as well, we hope to build an ever-growing guide to birding Illinois.

Using this site is simple. You can browse by county by clicking on the county links in the left sidebar, or you can search by species using the search field directly above the county listing. You can also browse species via the tag cloud in the right sidebar (the more a species is tagged, the larger the type), or by the most popular entries above that.

Note that below each entry you can leave a comment. This can be a powerful tool in keeping the information as up to date as possible. If you’ve been out birding at one of the locations and found that the habitat has changed, or a bridge is out, or that a target species has moved a mile down the road … whatever you think might be useful to others: leave a comment, please.

Illinois Birding Map
Another part of this project is the Illinois Birding Map. Eventually, every point on the map will have an entry at this site, with links between them: