Lake County

North Point Marina/ North Unit South Trail

If you park in the fisherman’s parking lot just to the right of the stop sign at the entrance rd. to The harbor, you will see a path exiting the lot and heading south. This path will meander left along a creek and then head west and south between a woodlot along the creek and some open shrubland/marsh/grassland areas. This is an excellent spot during migration for warblers and other passerines. It is especially good for Connecticut, Mourning, and Canada warblers, all of which I had here this spring. A Prairie Warbler was seen here this spring as well. Black-billed Cuckoos were seen here multiple times, and this is also a good spot further west along the trail for Yellow-breasted Chat and Olive-sided Flycatcher. I had 11 Alder Flycatchers here in 2012 as well. Virginia Rail and Whippoorwill can be heard in the evening from the more southern section of the trail at times.