Lake County

Grant Woods

Grant Woods is an extensive forested area with some shrubland in western lake county. In winter it is a good place to check for winter finches in the extensive pine stands of the North Unit. There is also a nesting Cooper’s Hawk in this area most summers. Northern Shrikes also like the tall shrubs bordering the grassy areas. I have had Purple Finches and Brewer’s Blackbirds here during fall migration and the South Unit is one of the better places for Fox Sparrows during the winter. The North Unit is especially good for warblers in the spring as the blossoming crabapples attract a multitude of insects for them to feast on. I had 20 warbler species here in May in 2011 on a nice sunny morning following the passage of a warm front. These included Black-throated Blue (2), Golden-winged, and Connecticut. It can be an electric place during spring migration. In the summer I have had breeding Blue-winged Warbler, Pine Warbler, Ovenbird, Wood Thrush, and Broad-winged Hawk. It is also my favorite spot for migrating Common Nighthawk. The open area south of the small lake has had summering Clay-colored Sparrow.

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