DuPage County

Elmhurst ComEd Substation

The Elmhurst ComEd Substation is home to DuPage County’s largest Monk Parakeet population. Easily accessible viewing along Parker St, to the west of the fenced-off compound, allows for great looks at the Monk Parakeets which live at or around the compound year round. The northern most transformer outside of the compound holds their large communal nest. The Parakeets may be seen at this nest from March through November. During the winter months, the resourceful birds roost on the heat emitting structures within the Substation compound. In addition to the Monk Parakeets, other species occur in the small retention ponds to the north and southwest of the compound including Wrens and common Sparrow species. Also of interest, the Maywood Gun Club Lake, a private large open water lake producing migrant waterfowl (i.e. Common Goldeneye and Lesser Scaup) is easily viewable from Parker St. just south of the Substation. It is noteworthy that although parking and viewing is possible along County Line Rd. to the east, it is safer to park and walk along the western border on Parker St.

Elmhurst ComEd Substation in a larger map

  • Glenn Perricone

    6 Monk Parakeets visually confirmed in the substation today, with additional heard.

    There were also 3 common merganser and 1 pied-billed grebe in the lake.

  • Joe Lill

    It seems the nest has either blown down or was taken down. I stopped there in January 2014 and there were no parakeets around. First time I’ve ever whiffed at that location. We’ll see if they return.