Lake County

Crawford Road

Crawford Road is one of the most reliable spots in Lake County to find breeding Vesper Sparrows.  The breeding Vespers are best accessed from Millburn Rd.  Drive north on Crawford until the you begin to notice agricultural fields with sporadic trees.  This is where most of the birds are singing.    This is an unfinished road.  Past the intersection of Kelly Rd., Crawford can become hard to access for cars with low a chassis.  It can be done, but use caution, especially after a rain.

At the intersection of Crawford and Kelly Rd. one can find a few breeding warblers, including Blue-winged Warbler and Ovenbird.  Listen for Wild Turkey at this intersection, which is another tough find for Lake County.  A White-eyed Vireo was reported at this location during July 2013.  Beyond this intersection, the road continues North until you reach IL 173.  This area has both private and forest preserve land.  In the fields, look for Bobolinks and Grasshopper Sparrow.  The oak woods hold regular breeding species, including Orchard Oriole and Eastern Screech-Owl.